Our primary business is to offer SAP implementation, upgrade and support services...

Value Adding Products and Services

Skycode's primary business is to offer SAP implementation, upgrade and support services to our clients. We further add value to them by building easy-to-use applications that address their complex requirements. We are able to deliver this differentiated service because of our strength in the technical arena and our ability to bridge the gap with the functional arena.

We encourage the deployment of our applications amongst clients that face similar challenges. This sets the foundation for collaboration between the different partners who are facing a common challenge. This collaboration yields two important benefits: In most cases where common challenges are experienced by different clients, there tends to be an underlying legal requirement that needs to be adhered to. Collaboration between the different parties encourages a shared understanding of the underlying challenge. This promotes knowledge sharing and detailed understanding of the complexity at hand.

Cost sharing amongst clients relating to additional software functionality enables us to minimise costs in overall for all our clients. This is because the new functionality addresses our shared understanding of the underlying challenges and once the application is upgraded it can be further customised to suite customer specific requirements. In this way we save on time and resources whilst ensuring quality and significant return on investment.

Our Collective Experience

Our consultants emanate from backgrounds in different sectors and ERP systems. Some of these include but, are not limited to:

Environmental Health and Safety sector

SAP Environment Health & Safety (SAP EH&S), SAP Industrial Hygiene & Safety (SAP IH&S), SAP Occupation Health (SAP OH)

Technical Sector

SAP ABAP Environment, Java Environment, Web Dynpro, Business Server Pages (BSP), Web services and SOAP, ODATA & SAP Annotations

Human Resources sector

SAP Human Capital Management (SAP HCM), SAP Personal Administration/ Personnel Development (SAP PA/PD)

Document Management sector

SAP Document Management Systems (SAP DMS), Write fax, Open text, Teleform, EMC², Adobe interactive Forms)

Utilities industry sector

SAP Industry Specific solution for Utilities (SAP ISU)

Telecommunications sector

Portal Infranet/ Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management (BRM)

Ecommerce Sector

Java, Java scripting, HTML4/ HTML5, CSS, Flash, SQL Server, PHP, Adobe Forms

Supply Chain Management sector

SAP Logistics (SAP Materials Management – SAP MM, SAP Sales and Distribution – SAP SD, SAP Finance and Costing - SAP FI/CO, SAP Customer relationship Management – SAP CRM, SAP Supplier Relationship Management - SAP SRM, SAP Mining Logistics, SAP Banking Logistics